Thursday, May 5, 2016


We got in the wrong lane one day last week and ended up at the strawberry fields quite by delightful accident. Last year they didn't have strawberries for sale perhaps because of drought conditions. This year they have strawberries in abundance. I love fresh produce right from the field where it is grown. The fruit delights the tastebuds and the juices fill us with pleasure. We slice them up, add sugar and serve them over vanilla ice cream. Next time we will probably have homemade strawberry shortcake with whipped cream!

Yes! Spring has sprung! The grass grows faster than we can mow it. The flowers bloom and too soon they die away. Their fragrance fills the air. (I miss that. I have dysnosmia, no sense of smell. Oddly on a rare occasion I may catch the briefest scent and it delights me. The rest of the time I smell nothing or even once in awhile I smell something unrecognizable, distorted scent that I cannot identify. It is a benefit at those times when a skunk is closeby, that is not a smell I miss. We don't truly appreciate our senses until we lose them.

So enjoy Spring with all of her gifts and delights for the senses, new mown grass, flowers in bloom, fruits ripe for the picking, the rich colors of every growing thing, and even birdsong. Enjoy them all. Happy Spring!

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