Thursday, October 11, 2012


This morning my husband and I were watching Good Morning America, as we do every morning, when I suddenly decided to check out one of my pet peeves. Between 7:45AM and 7:55AM PST I counted 11 commercials, a segment of the show that was less than one minute long, and then 12 more commercials.  Yes people, less than one minute of programming and 24 commercials in a ten minute period!!! It may have been even more, since they run together it is hard to count them. The greed is unbelievable. We are already paying for this programming because we receive it on satellite so why should we be subjected to this?

This is not an attack on Good Morning America, it is all of television broadcasting. Over time they have added more and more commercials to each program until we are now spending more time viewing commercials than we are viewing the program we tuned in to see. I wonder how many people agree that this is excessive? I am so angry that I am thinking of giving up television viewing entirely. It seems to me we are giving up a lot of time and money to be brainwashed by the advertisers who want us to give up even more of our money..

If we adults are being brainwashed by advertisers what about our children? How many ads are they seeing as they watch children's programming? Are they influencing your children or are you? Unfortunately I think the answer is obvious.

How do we combat this? I am open to suggestions. Do we quit watching television? Do we mute all commercials and leave the room? Do we sign a petition to put an end to this? Do we bombard the stations with letters and emails of complaint? Do we contact the FCC with our complaints? What do you think??? Your opinion is requested.

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Janet Ann Collins said...

Remember when pay TV was expected for the future? It would be commercial free, of course. But that didn't happen.