Saturday, September 29, 2012


It is time for leaves to change color from green to yellow, orange, red and then brown. Then they will litter the ground and some will grumble feeling the need to clean them out of rain gutters and rake them into piles. There are those who will be thrilled to jump in those piles and squeal with delight. Children, bless them, love every season in its time.

We had two pygmy goats at one time. We named them Burt and Ernie. They were just kids when we adopted them and they were the most entertaining pets we have ever owned. We almost split our sides laughing at their antics. I mention them now because one of their favorite things was the fallen leaves from our sweet gum trees. The goats loved to eat them like potato chips. You could hear the crunch as they chewed them up. They never seemed to get enough of them. When the leaves were all gone I felt sorry for Burt and Ernie because their supply of snacks was gone until next year.

My husband starts looking forward to fall sometime in June. LOL! Yes, I guess you can tell he is not a big fan of hot weather. Here in Southern Oregon he is finding it still too hot (90's) for his taste even though it is fall. Of course, he will soon be complaining about the cold, or the rain, or the snow. Take your pick. Each season seems to have something to grouse about, but there are plenty of things to enjoy about each and every season in its own time.

Start thinking pumpkins, apple pies, beef stew and hot chili. Home baked bread and baking powder biscuits will warm our insides on a cool fall morning. Approaching holidays will fill our thoughts as we plan family gatherings and Christmas gifts and give much thought to the true meaning of the holiday.  A cozy fire will warm our outsides in the evening as we read a favorite book or sit around the table playing monopoly with the family. It is all a good time.

Happy Fall everyone!

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