Sunday, May 6, 2012



I love books! I think it is because I was read to often as a very young child. I memorized so many nursery rhymes my brain could hardly hold them. (I exaggerate.) I am sure everyone who came to visit had the burden of listening to a recitation but I can't be blamed for that it was my parents doing. I developed a love for reading at a young age and love it still. I think my favorite books were the Bobbsey Twins series. I am still an avid reader and that is what led me to want to write, and the obvious choice was childrens books.

Do you love books? Were you read to at an early age? What were some of your favorite books? How did they influence your life????
What are your children's favorite books? Have you shared some of your favorites with them?

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Susan J. Berger said...

I do love books. I talk about my first ones on Pen and Ink
this week cause its Teacher appreciation week, Children's Book Week and Mother's day/
Come visit.
I read all the Bobbsey Twins and there was another series ...Honey Bunch and Norman that I liked even better. (Haven't thought of that one in 60 years.)My Favorite was the Maida series. I still have some. I outgrew the Bobbsey Twins, but I never outgrew Maida.