Saturday, March 17, 2012

Truth from a bumper sticker

Last week, as we stopped for a traffic signal, I spotted a bumper sticker that I had never seen before. I want to share it because it speaks the truth and our country needs to wake up to that truth.

Pro Choice is a lie,
Babies don't choose to die! 

I remember when Rowe vs Wade took affect. At that time a woman who was unmarried and pregnant had few choices. She may not have had access to birth control. She had to carry the burden of shame, the man didn't. She probably could not get a job to support herself or if she had one she very well might lose it. She might not even be able to find a place to live because of the shame and the lack of funds.

The man was not judged for getting her pregnant nor was he held responsible for the child they conceived together. He didn't need to fear losing his job and he might even have bragged to his friends about what he had done. So it was the woman and the child who suffered.

Is it any wonder that "some" of these women turned to back alley abortionists, killing their unborn child and risking their own lives in the process? Many died. Many developed infections or other damage and found themselves unable to ever have a child.

I remember feeling sympathy for these women, stuck between a rock and a hard place that they did not create alone. 

Then the Supreme Court stepped our courts could have held the father responsible and forced him to support the child and provide for the woman....or they could have made it illegal to deny a woman a job or place to live because she was pregnant....but no!  The Supreme Court in all of its wisdom decided that abortion would be acceptable if we could only convince people that a fetus is not a human being....that a fetus is just tissue....that this tissue isn't something living that feels pain...therefore we can rip it out of a woman's body, dismember it without the pangs of guilt for having murdered a child. Shame on them and shame on us!

Women today have many choices: abstain from sex, use birth control, carry your baby to term and give it up for adoption, or carry it to term and love it. She can pursue child support through the courts and she can continue to hold down a job and support herself and her child. Abortion shouldn't be anyone's choice. Abortion is not birth control! This is a different world, wake up!!!

Read THE ATONEMENT CHILD by Francine Rivers.


Susan Hornbach said...

I agree, abortion used for birth control in my opinion is a disgrace. It is a different world now than it was in the 1940s and 50s. Women have so many more options to provide for their unborn child today than they did years ago.

With that said,I would never want to see them go back to back-alley abortion again. There has to be more education and a better understanding of human life. It's not easy for women to face abortion, and it leaves them with life time emotional scars. It's a very controversial subject, and in my opinion, There is always a yin and a yang. Nothing is absolute black and white. Grey area infiltrates our lives in so many intricate ways. We can only pray for the unborn, and hope that women make the right decision. For me personally, it would be to choose life.

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


I understand your point of view,but if we say murder is wrong but it is okay to murder an unborn child why would anyone think it is not a good choice?

Abortion is being used to get rid of an inconvenient situation, in my opinion, when the woman had a choice to use birth control or abstain from having sex to prevent a pregnancy. Once you have made that choice you should do the humane thing and deliver the child alive and healthy.

Also, I have heard that abortion clinics do not tell women that there will be pain, both emotional and physical. They also do not tell women that the fetus feels pain and fights against being aborted. (I heard this information from someone who worked for years in an abortion clinic and is now fighting against abortions.) Clinics are under no obligation to tell women the truth and they are making money for performing abortions so why would they tell?

Woman don't have to choose back alley abortions, they can face the choices they have already made. A fetus is a living human being that has no choice at all.

Jana Flowers said...

Hello Ladies,
According to the Guttanmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, 52% of women who get unexpectedly pregnant report using birth control that month. So the gray area gets bigger and the 'surprise' pregnancy gets even more traumatic. With 1.5 million couples in America alone waiting to adopt babies, I think adoption is the answer. Abortion is traumatic to the woman and fatal to the child. Thank you Shari for starting this conversation!

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


Thank you for chiming in. Too many of us keep silent about this topic. Silence can be deadly.