Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My husband and I have subscribed to Netflix for a long time. They have always been very efficient and shown great concern for good service and customer satisfaction. We have often wondered how they could do that and do it at the price they were charging.

Recently they announced they would be splitting the company in two; Qwikster for DVD service and Netflix for streaming. They also were charging for both services separately making the cost almost double what we had been paying. They gave customers the option of taking both services or choosing just one for half the cost. We were a little disappointed. We would have preferred a gradual price increase, but we felt a price increase was probably necessary.

Soon the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings. apologized, admitted this had been a mistake and backed off on plans to split into two companies. Unfortunately the company has paid dearly for the mistake; Netflix stocks dropped and something like 300,000 subscribers abandoned ship.

But....we will stay with Netflix! They are the most conscientious company we have ever dealt with, often contacting us to make sure DVD's are arriving in a timely manner, etc. Cancelling our subscription would be a little like throwing out the baby with the bathwater! I think companies should be rewarded for providing good service and caring about their customers satisfaction.

I sincerely hope many of those who abandoned ship will reconsider and come back to Netflix. In any case we are staying.

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