Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meet Ruby!

Meet Ruby. Ruby is a resident of Wildlife Images, a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Grants Pass Oregon. Wildlife Images is not a zoo. When animals come in injured or possibly orphaned as babies, Wildlife Images heals their wounds or raises them until they can be released into the wild. Unfortunately on occasion an animal cannot be returned to the wild either because of disability or for some other reason. Then it is housed at Wildlife Images and is used for educational purposes

Ruby was brought to Wildlife Images as an orphan late one fall. She was cared for over winter in hopes that once she was old enough to live on her own she could be released. Sadly, by the time Ruby was old enough to live on her own she had become way too friendly to humans, not a good thing for a wild animal. So Ruby could not be released. Ruby and other animals that cannot be released are able to do a lot to educate children and the general public about their species, and about animals in the wild. Tours are given at Wildlife Images for the public and for school children. The animals also appear at fundraising events to keep Wildlife Images going so that they can continue to do good work.  If you are ever in Grants Pass pay Ruby a visit or click on  Wildlife Images to visit them online.
My childrens picture book series Rooter and Snuffle is about brother raccoons and their friends.

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

It's nice there's a place they ca go, though.
And I know the location of Grant's Pass! (Used to live in OR.)