Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parenting Tip - Feeding the Family

When you are feeding a family it is easy to slip into a rut. The same meals are repeated over and over again because they are easy to fix, or inexpensive, or just things you know everyone will eat. For good nutrition it is important to have variety in your meals. Don't eat the same things all the time, it becomes boring. Include meals that are new and interesting.

If your family likes tacos don't always have the same kind of tacos. If you normally use ground beef in your tacos try chicken, or fish. If your children like fried chicken there is a good chance they will like chicken cacciatore or lemon chicken. Hamburgers come in infinite varieties just look in a cookbook or watch Rachel Ray on television. I think she may just possibly be the Queen of Hamburgers.

Having variety in your meals creates interest and makes food more appealing. Don't forget the value of making food look attractive on the plate. If you have ever watched a cooking competition on the Food Network you know how much value is placed on plating. Food that looks good tastes better.

Just changing the shape of food can peak a child's interest. Instead of carrot sticks make carrot curls. Instead of serving hamburgers on hamburger buns shape the meat into long patties and serve them on hot dog buns.
 Providing a dipping sauce can make food more attractive to kids, too.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

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