Thursday, May 6, 2010

Man Marries Cat!

My picture book Shoo Cat! is a story about a determined cat and the boy who keeps rejecting him. It is a fun story with a funny ending. Ethan didn't want a cat. He wanted a dog, and nothing was going to change his mind.

The man in the news story below is not like Ethan, he loved his cat so much he married it.  Strange but true. I love my cats but I couldn't take things this far. Take a look at this story of love between a man and his cat. This man married his cat. Then go to Shoo Cat! and print out your free coloring page. Shoo Cat! is available from Amazon, Guardian Angel Publishing, and others.


Janet Ann Collins said...

What a strange story. That man must not have a very healthy life with humans.

Cheryl said...

I think this takes the cake for the strangest story I've ever heard. Great tie-in to your story, though.

I love Shoo Cat! Keep up the great work.


Nicole weaver said...

I personally think it is admirable that the man married his cat. I think it is a symbolic way for him to show his dedication to his beloved pet. For all we know he might have done this to garner attention from the media. Thanks for posting the story.
Nicole weaver

Donna M. McDine said...

Shoo Cat! is a wonderful book!

NancyCL said...

LOL What a riot, and only in Europe! Could you see this happening in the US? I love my cat too, but...

Thanks for posting this, Shari and lots of luck with your book.