Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate the Earth! Eat Healthy!

One way, this Earth Day, to get your kids to eat healthy is to have them grow their own food. Often a picky eater will eat food he/she has grown in their own garden. A garden doesn't have to be a plot of land. All kinds of containers can hold a garden. I have grown vegetables in a boxed bed, old tires, and even garden pots. I have seen gardens planted in a sack of planting soil. Think creatively.

Make it a fun project. Let the children plan what they will grow. Help them learn the proper time and way to plant seeds or vegetable starts. Watering and tending tender vegetable plants is a wonderful learning experience. If you are lucky enough to have a small plot of land to garden there is the added benefit of fresh air, sunshine, and healthy exercise. Be sure to grow things that they can eat right from their garden. Cherry, and other varieties of tiny tomatoes are sweet and tasty right off of the vine. Sugar snap peas are a crunchy and sweet treat to eat out of hand. Make a chocolate zucchini cake from home grown squash to peak their interest.

Have the children use recyclable materials to make row markers to identify their garden bounty. Grow pumpkins for the next Halloween. Make a bean teepee to support the beans and provide a wonderful hiding place. Let your imagination and theirs run wild. I bet you will grow some healthy eaters in your garden.

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Anonymous said...

Gardening with kids can be lots of fun. Thanks for the link to the chocolate zucchini cake. I'll have to make sure I print that off. Happy Earth Day!