Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Wonder Our Children Are Obese!

If you viewed the television show that debuted last night starring Chef Jamie Oliver you are probably as appalled as I am. I was shocked to see and hear what the FDA thinks our children should be eating everyday. It is time for us to "wakeup and smell the coffee".

If we are using our heads we know what healthy eating is and we don't need the government to decide what we should be eating or feeding our kids. Truly disturbing was the realization that we are raising a generation of children that can't even identify common vegetables. Have we handed over the job of raising healthy children to Fast food restaurants, food manufacturers, and government agencies? U.S. citizens were once fiercely independent and, though not always correct in everything they did at least, they didn't turn the health of their kids over to strangers.

Find out what is in the food your children are eating at school. Don't trust that the schools are doing the right thing, make sure they are feeding your children healthy foods. Make sure they are eating the food and not throwing it away. I use to believe the government and all of its agencies were looking out for our well being. I was very naive, and yes, gullible. Ordinarily I am not a rebel, blasting everything the government does, but in this case at least I must shout "PARENTS WAKEUP!".  I am not a health nut, but I don't believe the twenty or so ingredients on most food labels that I don't recognize as food are good for us. I don't think our government knows what is healthy for us, if they did they wouldn't keep changing the food pyramid and altering the advice they have been giving us.

These days I find myself craving fresh, simple foods that don't come in a box and are not packed with chemicals, fats, sugars and salt. The goal of fast food restaurants and manufacturers is to fill their wallets not worry about our health. The proof of that is in television commercials that keep telling us that larger sizes and more fat are better even as we are hearing about an epidemic of obesity in this country. I urge parents, working or not, to take a look at what you are feeding your family. Unhealthy eating is shortening our children's lives. Fast food and packaged convenience foods are prepared in a way that will make them appeal to the taste buds and feed you quickly with little work or preparation on your part. We accept that because usually both parents are working and time is at a premium.   But...

Fresh healthy foods should be a family affair. Let the first parent to arrive home start the dinner preparation. Enlist the help of the children in the preparation and table setting, etc. The second adult to arrive home should join in the finishing of the meal. This is a time for families to work together, laugh, share stories and learn what is good food and what isn't. Let the children help with the meal planning but always with the healthy guidance of an adult. I know you are tired after work but that doesn't excuse your responsibilities as a parent. Sit down at the dinner table and enjoy a quiet, healthy, relaxing meal as a family.

Try this recipe for chicken nuggets at The GAP Family Blog!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I agree 100% with you! As a total vegan, I am very conscious about what I eat.
The growing trend in obese, inactive kids is frightening...

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


To be fair, it isn't easy to change this kind of unhealthy eating if it is what you are used to. But it can be done if you are determined to raise healthy kids.

Thanks for looking in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shari, thanks for sharing the link to the GAP Family Blog. They have some yummy recipes that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Great blog post!

Cheryl said...

Our school district has had a wellness policy in place for a few years now. I always chuckle when I see things like waffle sticks on the menu. How can that be part of the wellness policy--fat covered in sugary syrup?

I have one daughter who prefers chocolate to anything else and one who eats healthy with little prodding. Until recently, I didn't eat many fruits and vegetables, but if I want my junk food junkie of a daughter to eat healthy, I must set a good example.

I don't trust the government or any other organization to tell me what's good for us. I rely on common sense and ingredient labels.


Janet Ann Collins said...

Because of food allergies and sensitivities I cook almost everything from scratch and my grandson loves helping me when he comes to visit. He loves eating veggies, too.

Domesticgoddess said...

I totally agree with you that we can't assume that schools are feeding our kids right. Great post! Parents have to take charge! You have a great blog Shari, every parent should read!