Friday, February 19, 2010


Meet Buddy, aka Budward, Butterkins, and @#&%* cat! Buddy entered our lives very much like Amber. My husband was standing in the front yard talking to a gardener when this little ball of fur showed up. The gardener thought the kitten was ours but my husband assured him it "was not". Bob carefully carried the critter across the street to the neighbors yard. (Does this sound familiar at all?) Of course by the time he returned to the house the kitten was in our "backyard" yowling and trying to get in the door. After two attempts to convince the kitten it did not live here Bob came in the house and announced,  "It has happened again." I went out and took a look, and sure enough the kitten convinced me he was not giving up. So...we took him in. He looked harmless enough.

Amber was not thrilled with this new addition and Dallas was sure we already had more than enough cats. Buddy however was just as sure this was where he was supposed to be and literally took over the house.

Now this is not a big house, but cats fly from one end to the other snarling and chasing each other several times each day. Meanwhile Dallas hides under a table and covers his head. Amber was slow to accept this intruder until the "kitty city", mentioned in a previous post, made things more interesting. Then the chasing became more fun. They chase each other in and out of the city and try to remove the balls that I keep putting in the box. Now Amber, when she is in a good mood, washes Buddy and is his forever pal. When she is in a bad mood she simply ignores him.

Fortunately we have a king size bed. Yes, all three animals sleep on the bed with us. Buddy did a lot of walking around on the bed, and us at first, but he has finally settled down and no longer tries to sit on my head while I am sleeping. (It did make breathing very difficult.) I am grateful they don't jockey for position on the bed.

We on the other hand are tearing our hair out because we can't keep the little monster, Buddy, off of the kitchen counters or my ceramic-top stove. This makes it necessary to disinfect the aforementioned items, and the dining table, several times a day.We have strategically placed water bottles with spray tops, all over the house to shoot him with when he misbehaves. I think all they do is encourage him. The most aggravating part of this is when scolded he just looks at you and continues with his had behavior. I am open to suggestions other than the obvious "stop taking in strays".

These are not the only abused or thrownaway pets we have taken in, but I'm not going to tell you about all of them. These are just the three we have now. Our granddaughters adore them all, and so do we, that is the important thing.


Anonymous said...

You really have to write a book about all these "furfaces" you have taken in. I am enchanted my your stories on your blog, so just think how children would love reading about these creatures too! Go for it, my friend! Hugs, Nancy

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

I have a couple of books I have written about our "Toby" but I haven't done anything with them yet.


Cheryl said...

Buddy is beautiful, and I'm sure God makes them that way so we can't refuse them when they show up at our doors.

It's happened to me twice, so I understand your pain. I'm allergic to furry beasts, so that means I have to try and keep things relatively clean around here or my asthma goes into all sorts of overload.

Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions for you on the kitchen counter and dining table because all my cats do the same thing. Our Siamese never did it, but when we took in our Pixie-Bob and Maine Coon from the shelter, I didn't want to discourage them from exploring because they had both been abused. We didn't see the Maine Coon for almost a week after we brought him home. He hid in the basement and only came out to eat.

Now I wish I had made it a point to take them to task right away for walking on counters and napping on the table.

Good luck!


Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


I suspect most cat homes have contaminated counters and tables. You and I are honest enough to admit it. LOL


L. Diane Wolfe said...

That is so wonderful!
Maybe you should look for that sign on your house that says "Takes in all lost animals - inquire at back door."

Janet Ann Collins said...

I admire you for welcoming so many animals into your home. If not for allergies, we'd probably do the same, but one non-shedding dog is all we can handle.