Friday, February 5, 2010


I feel compelled to bring up the subject of pet peeves today. I believe if two or more people live or work in the same space pet peeves are inevitable.  After you read this I hope you will tell me about your pet peeves, it might make me feel better.

Most of us have a preferred way to hang up the toilet paper roll. I guess some pretty nifty household battles have occurred when an "over" is forced to live with an "under". They even made a television commercial about the differing views.

I personally am an "over" person and thought the reasoning should be obvious to everyone. Then we adopted a stray cat and quickly learned that "over" definitely is easier to unroll and that is "not always" a good thing. After removing a pile of toilet tissue (the whole roll) from the floor twice I decided "under" was the best way.

How come we never hear about my real pet peeve? Pencil cups! I like nice sharp pencil points. I am a point up kind of person. After all the time spent sharpening pencils to a fine point why would I stick the point down in a cup?
 Life being what it is....I live with a point down person.

Imagine my frustration when I'm on the phone and must take down a message.  I reach for a pencil and find it is upside down in the cup and the point is broken. This is not the most opportune time to look for a sharpener, so I grab another pencil from the cup...same result. Now steam is beginning to come out of my ears and I begin grinding my teeth as the person on the other end of the phone loses patience with me for wasting their time. I remove pencil after pencil, and then pen after pen, from the cup until I find something to write with. What I end up with is a ball point pen that writes intermittently.

Pet peeve #3 - why are we keeping pens that are out of ink?  I scratch the telephone message across the notepad. Now I know why they call them "scratch pads". This was the last straw! I must make my feelings known to one and all. This is a serious matter.

As I contemplated blogging about my pencil peeve I sharpened the damaged points and then while forcing them, point up, into a cup that was already overstuffed with pens that don't write, I shoved one of the sharpened pencils into my thumb. I searched furiously for a tissue to blot the free flowing blood and added MURPHY'S LAW to my list of pet peeves.

Thanks for listening. Now tell me about your pet peeve.

Sharon A. Soffe


Kim McDougall said...

I really dislike companies that misspell words in their names or advertising to be cute, especially to attract kids.

When I see the words "Drive Thru" or "kwik stop" my jaw clenches. And of course there's the unmentionable toy company with the letters backwards.

Jen Brubacher said...

What I find so funny is how one person's peeve can be backwards to another's... for instance, I can't abide pencils pointing up. I'm afraid I'll stab myself somehow, reaching for one. But I am most definitely an "over" person. :)

Margie Church said...

Closet doors left open and shoes that aren't put inside drive me nuts.

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, you got me laughing this morning. There is nothing worse than a pencil with a broken tip when you need to jot something down.

Okay, my major pet peeve is that I don't like clutter, but I live with a pack rat. In our basement is: a box of clothes that he hasn't worn since we moved in 10 years ago, but that he won't allow me to throw out or give away (in case he ever fits in those clothes again); a bag of shoes with holes torn in the soles that one day he might bring to the cobbler to get fixed; training manuals from the first job he had out of college (he's been out of college for almost 20 years now and half the programs he was trained on are no longer used); instruction manuals and boxes for all types of components and appliances (half of which we no longer own); and notebooks from when he was in high school--with the notes still in them.

I won't even get into all the old hockey equipment down there.

If you find a way to change your pencil downer, maybe you can tell me how to deal with the pack rat.


billkirkwrites said...

I've never been much of a pet peeve person. But there are a few things that get on my last nerve from time to time. You know, silver ware down instead of up in the dishwasher, things not being in the last place I put them, that sort of thing. My wife (a clinical psychologist) says I'm obsessive, compulsive or a combination of the two---until she can't find something in a spot where she last put it. Ah, misery loves company....

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I do hang TP over and toss old pens. However, pencils go down in the cup because I am a natural klutz and would stab myself every time.

Pet peeve? People driving and talking on the cell phone. Tailgaters who refuse to pass. And slow drivers in the fast lane.
Guess you can tell where I spend a lot of my time...

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

You have all made me realize how many more pet peeves I truly have. I must be a peevish sort of person. I am married to a packrat who leaves his shoes beside the head of the bed so that I trip over them when I try to make the bed and I "Hate" clutter. I can't stand people who tailgate or talk on cell phones while driving and there are members of my family who do that too. I worry about them.

0:-) Shari

kathy stemke said...

My husband says that my peevishness comes while HE'S driving. He tailgates, goes too fast, and regularly cuts people off. I'm never sure if I'll get where we are going. He's like a caged animal when someone in front of him is going too slow. When they turn off the road, he rev's into high gear and takes off!!! I close my eyes and pray.

At home we are a perfect loving couple. He's a great guy, really!!

Janet Ann Collins said...

I've solved the pencil problem by wearing a pen on a rope around my neck. I only need to use pens and pencils by the phones if it runs out of ink. And TP direction depends a lot on the relative position of the person reaching for it. We have two bathrooms and in one the roll goes up and in the other, down.

My pet peeve is my husband's coffee addiction. He leaves empty cups all over the yard, work shed, car, and house and sometimes turns on the kettle and goes outside so I must stop what I'm doing and turn it off when it whistles or loose my mind from the screeching noise. Of course my husband also has a few pet peeves about me, too, but we have a happy marriage in spite of them all.

Anonymous said...

People that know me and whisper secrets into my left ear. I'm deaf in it. lol

Non-handicapped people that use handicap parking spots.


Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

J. Aday Kennedy

I had to chuckle at your comment. My husband is totally deaf in his left ear and my daughter is totally deaf in her right ear. I forget which is which and that makes for a lot of confusion.

I get furious when I see an able bodied person park in handicapped parking. Shame on them.


Connie Arnold said...

There are different ways of looking at everything, and advantages and disadvantages to different ways of doing things. Even something like the handicap parking. I try to avoid using them most tunes, When I go in I might look whole and healthy, but after walking around a little, sometimes my lupus exhaustion kicks in and I may be almost on the floor, hardly able to walk. Just a small example that sometimes what peeves us shouldn't. Other times those peeves are quite justified!

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


If you have these difficulties you should have a handicap card or sticker. It is those who do not have a sticker or placard that I object to. At times I may look pretty fit when I first exit my car, but I have a handicap permit.
It's the law.


Anonymous said...

In general, inconsiderate folks tick me off. They are usually found on airplanes, tilting their seats back, stuffing the overhead bin and leaving no room for you, and using their cell phones immediately when the plane lands but before it even reaches the gate.