Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Review - Katydidn't

By Colleen L. Reece
Illustrations by K.C. Snider
Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

This delightful book tells of Katy Witherspoon, a little girl living in the country with six brothers and sisters. As happens in families each child is different and Katy may be the most different of all. They all have things they enjoy doing, but the things they enjoyed Katy didn't and she lets us know why. Because Katy didn't she found herself alone and lonely, until she remembered something Jesus said.

Children will love this book with its repetitions, and the interesting differences between the brothers and sisters. Katy finds her own solution to her loneliness and shares a secret with the katydids that sing her to sleep at night. There is a valuable lesson in this book that children will pick up as easily at Katy did.

Colleen L. Reece lives in Washington and is a wonderful author of over 140 books for all ages selling over six million copies.

The illustrations by noted artist K.C. Snider are wonderful. Well known for her Western Art, K.C. is making a name for herself in the illustration of childrens books too.

Sharon A. Soffe

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