Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Great Time for Authors and Illustrators at Barnes and Noble in Bend Oregon

Front row: Lynda S. Burch, publisher, and K.C. Snider, illustrator.
Second row: Sue Berger, Janet Collins, Janie Robinson, Shari Lyle-Soffe, Mary Jean Kelso (authors).
Back row: Bill Kirk, author, and Susann Batson, author/illustrator.

Guardian Angel Publishing had its first GAP West gathering of authors and illustrators in Redmond, Oregon. Events started September 17th and continued through September 20th. Lynda S. Burch, publisher, flew to Oregon for the event. In attendance were K.C. Snider, Sue Berger, Susann Batson, Mary Jean Kelso, Bill Kirk, Shari Lyle-Soffe, Janet Collins and Janie Robinson.

K.C. Snider hosted the event and the planning and organizing was handled by her publicist, Claudia Valiquet. Food was catered by K.C.'s niece, Bonnie Ellis and lots of helpers. K.C.'s husband, Fred, was in charge of keeping all of the equipment working smoothly. There was wonderful food and entertainment, tours and shopping sprees. A great time was had by all.

The highlight to the weekend was a Guardian Angel group booksigning and reading at the Barnes and Noble in Bend Oregon where we were all treated like royalty.

What a thrill it was to finally meet so many of our friends in person and have a chance to get to know them. Hundreds of photographs were taken by Claudia's husband, Steve. Hopefully I will have some to show you soon.


Carli said...

Hi Shari,

This is my first visit to your site, but I love your reviews.

I'll be back when I have more time to look and read!


Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


I'm happy you liked the site.


Janet Ann Collins said...

The Oregon GAP Get -together was wonderful and I enjoyed meeting you in person.

Donna M. McDine said...

Thank you for sharing about your time at the GAP West gathering. I can't wait for St. Louis and hope to meet you there.

Donna McDine