Friday, August 21, 2009

Book Review - The Golden Treasure

By L.S. Cauldwell
A Star Publish Book
Young Adult adventure mystery
ISBN 978-1932993-98-1

In this tale of school intrigue, buried treasure, and paranormal occurrences three friends strive to make sense of confusing events. Anna-Mae is at first frightened by the strange things that seem to happen always to her. But when Granma Zora hears about it she sheds some light on Anna-Mae’s predicament. What is the meaning of the levitating black fist and the odd root? Anna-Mae, Raul, and Malcolm will just have to find out as they follow a trail for buried treasure from the Civil War and attempt to clear Anna-Mae of a crime she didn’t commit.

This is the first in a series of Anna-Mae Mysteries. L.S. Cauldwell tells a colorful tale of life in middle school. This story is sprinkled with bits of information from the legend of what happened the the gold Jefferson Davis had borrowed to fight the war and was supposed to pay back. School bullies, a fire drill, and then a fire add to the mystery and the danger.

- Review August 2009 Shari Lyle-Soffe


The Old Silly said...

Sounds like some good kids lit reading. Anna-Mae - love that name. ;)

Marvin D Wilson

Anonymous said...

That's some snazzy cover design and illustration, too! Looks good.