Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reading on a Shoestring!

Money is tight for most of us right now, and with young families even more so. That is no reason to skip one of the most important things in a young child's life. Reading! So let me suggest a few ways to find reading material for your children.

Garage sales are great places to find books for children and cheaply too. We were lucky enough to find children's books listed in an ad for a garage sale and went to check it out. Eureka! The garage sale was at the home of a retired bookseller. It was like walking into a book store. Not only did he have a plentiful supply but he wanted to move them so the prices were very affordable.

Moving sales are terrific. People want to transport as little as possible so they thin out their books along with everything else.

Estate sales may contain some classic old children's books. No harm in checking it out.

Thrift shops are another good place to find books for kids. They may not have a large supply but if you check it frequently you may find some real bargains.

Used book stores. They have books for adults and children at low prices.

Start a book exchange with other families. When their kids outgrow the books they've got they will gladly pass them on to you for your children. You can do the same for another family and so on.

Don't forget to watch for library sales. When they clear out old books or donated books they can't use you can benefit from their bargain prices.

Keep your eyes and ears open for other sources of children's reading material. Reading is too important to be cut out of your child's life. Think of the adventure your family can have searching for them.

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