Monday, June 8, 2009

BOUNDING FOR BOOKS: A Star in the Night

Today let me welcome Jennifer Gladen to my blog. Jennifer is the publisher of My Light Magazine and the author of A Star in the Night coming soon from Guardian Angel Publishing.

Shari: What was the inspiration for this book?

Jennifer: A Star in the Night is a story about the kindness of humanity. I was inspired to write it years ago when my middle child had a liver transplant. It seemed the entire community was there to help us get through it. People donated food, time, money and help.

We had a neighbor with out fail when one of the kids was in the hospital, he would take our trash can to the curb for us. I was so touched by all the good I saw in people, that I wanted to share it with kids.

Shari: Is this your first book?

Jennifer: Yes this is my first book. I have 2 others under contract: Angel Donor and Teresa's Shadow.

Shari: When do you expect this book to be released?

Jennifer: I don't have a release date for the book yet. I'm praying it will be ready around Christmas time, since it's a Christmas story.

Shari: How do you find time to publish a magazine and write books too?

Jennifer: Good question. I'm still working that one out. The magazine takes up a great amount of time. One thing I do to keep me on track is participate in a critique group. This way I am still presenting a manuscript every couple months. I also enjoy learning from all the other members.

Thanks for having me Shari!

A Star in the Night
By: Jennifer Gladen
(Guardian Angel Publishing)

On a cold Christmas Eve night, David rushes from the mall to buy Mr. Rennetti’s special Christmas cookies. After visiting the store and buying the only two cookies left, David makes his way home. On the way, he has three encounters, which makes him rethink the meaning of Christmas. David faces challenges and tough decisions, even ones that Mom may not approve of. All the while a sparkling star seems to be following him. Join David on his adventurous way home.

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Jennifer Gladen said...

Thanks for hosting me Shari!

Joy said...

I find what motivates a person to write a particulat story interesting. Jennifer, I hope your child's liver transplant was a success and may blessings be heaped upon your family and neighbors.

Joy Delgado
Illustrator and publisher of bilingual children’s books

Donna J. Shepherd said...

I'm hoping the book is released by Christmas, too.

Kim Chatel said...

Jennifer, I know how you feel about juggling different projects. Good luck with all you do. I'm certain you're going to be a success!

Margot Finke said...

Fun interview, Shari. Jennifer's book sounds wonderful.

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