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Today my guest is author and reviewer, Mayra Calvani.

by Mayra Calvani
Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for a family. It's just like the arrival of a new baby! If there are kids in the family, then the event is even more thrilling. Hopefully, you have done your homework and read books on the subject and know all about the responsibilities of owning a new pet.
There's only one thing left to be done: finding the perfect name for your puppy.
How do you find the perfect name for your dog? Ideally, it should reflect its character, and even its physical appearance. If you already have a name in your mind because that's the one you have always dreamed for your dog, then congratulations. Your job is easy. If you don't have a name in mind, this will take some thinking, and even-as it was in our case-an official family meeting!
Would you like to name your dog like a famous philosopher-Homer, Plato, or Aristotle? Or perhaps like a famous scientist, like Einstein or Mr. Hawking? What about a biblical name like Noah? Or maybe a goofy name like Wacky or Taffy? Or even a food name, like Honey or Cinnamon? What about a common name like Sam, Max, or Lady?
In my children's picture book, CRASH, five-year old Marcelo sets out to find the perfect name for his new golden retriever puppy. His parents keep making suggestions, but Marcelo refuses, as he must find not just any name, but the perfect name for his beloved new puppy. Finally, something really peculiar about the puppy helps Marcelo come up with the perfect name.
So observe your puppy carefully. Maybe it has a quirk or odd character trait which belongs only to it, and one which will help you come up with the ideal name.
There are hundreds of sites online to help you choose the perfect dog name. Just do a search for 'dog names' on Google.
Ideally, the name you give your puppy should be short (one or two syllables), and should not sound like another member of the family's or like a dog command, for obvious reasons. But this isn't a rule and in reality, the sky is the limit.
Have fun finding that perfect name and good luck!
Mayra Calvani is a multi-genre author, reviewer, dog lover, and animal advocate.A regular contributor to Blogcritics Magazine and American Chronicle, she is also the author of CRASH!, a children's picture book about a little boy and how he learns to care and find the perfect name for his new golden retriever puppy. Check out her 'Crash the Puppy' blog at
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Mayra will be giving away an autographed copy of Crash! on her blog.
*Crash has his own blog at (games and coloring pages for kids)
*Mayra is donating 50% of author royalties to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary.
*The Spanish version will be out this summer
*My Pets and Their Authors blog at
Crash!by Mayra Calvani
Illustrated by Anna Pylypchuk
Guardian Angel Publishing
ISBN: 1-933090-54-5
April 2008
Paperback, 32 pages, $10.95
Picture Book,
Ages 2-6
Marcelo is thrilled when he gets a golden retriever puppy for hisbirthday, but now he faces one of the toughest jobs of his life, not only because owning a pet is a huge responsibility, but because he has to find the perfect name for it-and that's hard!
Multi-genre author, reviewer, dog lover and animal advocate MayraCalvani hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She's a regular contributorto Blogcritics Magazine and Suite101. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, playing the violin, interviewing other authors for her blogs and newsletters and watching too many reruns of Gilmore Girls and I Dream of Jeannie. She’s the author of the picture book, TheMagic Violin, also published by Guardian Angel Publishing. She's also the Latino Books Examiner for
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Mayra Calvani said...

Thanks for hosting me, Shari!

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Tons of great info! It's always a joy getting to know more about Mayra and her book CRASH!

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Naming a puppy brings back lots of wonderful memories. Great article Mayra. Shari, thanks for hosting Mayra today.

Joy Delgado
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Hi Shari!
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I've been enjoying all of your interviews. Lots of books (including yours) are ending up on my wishlist!

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Great tips! Thanks for showing off Mayra's work, Shari.

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Great interview Shari. "Crash" is a fun book with a cool message for kids. Love the illos too.

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Glad you are enjoying the interviews.