Tuesday, May 5, 2009


During the month of May I am holding a contest. Comment on this blog and mention your favorite children's book. I will draw one name each week and the winner each week will receive one of my books on CD for the computer. If you haven't seen flip books on the computer you don't know what you're missing!

May 9: Misadventures of Rooter and Snuffle

(Laura @ Goose Hill Farm is the winner of the May 9th drawing. Congratulations Laura! Contact me soon.)

May 16: On the Go With Rooter and Snuffle

May 23: Trouble Finds Rooter and Snuffle

May 30: Nothing Stops Noah


Laura @ Goose Hill Farm said...

Hi, Shari! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so glad that you did. I would LOVE to take credit for Mr. Pointy Nose, as it is a WONDERFUL story. However I did not write it. I found that on-line awhile ago and put it up this morning. If you had not stopped by, I would never have realized that I did not list the author. I believe in giving credit where credit is due! She is a great writer! :D

I have updated my post with some information and 2 sites where you can go to find out more about her.


LeFerna said...

I would love to get in on that contest so I can read Nothing Stops Noah in a flip book!

Let's see...

My child is fully grown... but he and his girlfriend like to read to her little nieces and nephews... and so far... their favorites are

Rooter & Snuffle 1
Rooter & Snuffle 2
Rooter & Snuffle 3
Stubby's Destiny
Angel Eyes

And they LOVE to sing along with the songs!!! LOL

Gee... I wonder why!

Thanks for the interview!

It was great.

And the (And the Who? He?) is Travis... The dead man ended up going to college and getting a degree in entrepreneurship is how he was able to help me incorporate and sell stock.

Love you!