Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review - Rusty, the Singing Horse


Rusty, The Singing Horse
Author, Raybute.
ISBN: 1-4392-0632-5
ISBN: 13: 9781439206324
$9.99 paperback

If you’ve ever been accused of imagining things you will relate to Old Man Farmer’s predicament. He has seen and heard his horse, Rusty, sing and dance. However he is the only one and Rusty will not perform on demand. Farmer Martha is concerned that Old Man Farmer is overworked and takes him to see the doctor. When the doctor prescribes rest Farmer Martha takes over the work on the farm and soon she is seeing things too. A call to the doctor brings an unwanted result. The doctor was furious because he was disturbed from his busy schedule. “One more prank like that and I will see to it that you will never care for this farm again.”
Will Old Man Farmer and Farmer Martha be able to straighten out this mess? Will they lose the farm? Can anyone help them out of this dilemma?

Boys and girls seem to love horses and will be attracted to this book as well. Children are sure to like the illustrations of the dancing horse.

© 2009 Shari Lyle-Soffe

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