Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review of Rabbit's Song

Review of Rabbit’s Song

Written by S.J. Tucker and Trudy Herring

Illustrated by W. Lyon Martin
Age level 4 - 8
Magical Child Books
© Shari Lyle-Soffe

April 29, 2009

This is a rhyming ballad that tells of Trickster, a character found in nearly every culture around the world. Trickster tales have been used to explain the forces of nature or to teach behavior, and were often told around a campfire. Usually Trickster stories focus on one animal but in the Rabbit’s Song there are four. Trickster is searching for a totem, an animal, to represent him here on earth.

Tennessee author, Trudy Herring, weaves an imaginative story and Arkansas author and musician, S.J. Tucker, turns it into a ballad. Trickster needs a totem to represent him, but not just any animal will do the totem must be just right. Many come to him hoping to be chosen, but each animal falls short in some way and is sent away. Through the sorting Trickster comes to find the four animals that are just right for his specific needs. Trickster dances in celebration when he finds the animals with just the character traits he is looking for. These animals will teach man the lessons he needs to learn.

Children will love this ballad and the brightly colored, imaginatively drawn illustrations by W. Lyon Martin. Nothing is ordinary about this book.


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