Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lay-ups and Long Shots

Lay Ups and Long Shots
Max Elliot Anderson

REVIEWED BY: Wayne Walker
We have all heard the old saying, "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." Darby Creek Publishing says, "It's whether you get out there and play the game!"
In this sequel to Sport Shorts, nine contemporary authors provide short stories that depict the problems and difficulties all athletes must conquer in order to be successful in their sports.
Joseph Bruchac and Terry Trueman both investigate basketball and perseverance.
Lynea Bowdish tells about a girl who cannot climb a rope in gym class but finds out what she can do.
David Lubar explores how one boy trained to be the next table tennis champion.
CS Perryess looks at a BMX rider who isn't really sure that dirt-bike racing is a girl's sport.
Dorian Cirrone discusses how a surfer overcame his boundaries and enjoyed the ride.
Jamie McEwan talks about a boy's embarrassing incident during whitewater rafting.
Max Eliot Anderson focuses on the new kid in school with an unusual ability who goes out for the football team.
Peggy Duffy describes one girl's challenges when she is caught between her traditional Korean upbringing and her American love of soccer.
Any child who engages in sports should really like these stories. However, as they demonstrate (or seek to promote) good attitudes on the part of both those who play and those who watch, they can be beneficial for athletes and benchwarmers alike. Indeed, they will inspire and encourage all young people to let that athlete within have a try. Aimed primarily at middle-school-aged students, each of the stories has an special plot twist or surprise that will make them interesting reading for people of every age. The book is a Junior Library Guild Selection and certainly deserves the honor. Never much of a sports person myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and give it my hearty endorsement


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This sounds like a great book for a a gift to my grandson. thanks for sharing this!

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