Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bright Gems for His Crown - Devotionals

Bright Gems for His Crown,
93 Devotionals to Help Build Qualities of Character in Children.
by Maxine Randall

"This book is designed to help elementary and junior young people love and live for Christ now, and to develop qualities of character that will help them shine for Him. The title is inspired by the much loved hymn for children which is entitled "When He Cometh," written by William O. Cushing about a century and a half ago. The devotionals are in the format of 31 biblical truths and character traits, one for each day of the month. Each daily truth/trait is repeated for 3 months, with a different devotional for each month. They can be started any month of the year; months may be skipped in between, etc. Each devotional has a scripture text, a title, a brief meditation on the topic at hand, and a sentence or question requiring an immediate response. Then there is an optional activity for each devotional, which is to be done later in the day. Many of these activities are geared to encourage parental input."


Maxine said...

Thanks for the promotion, Shari! I just made a quick link back to you at our blog. If anyone's interested, this book is on special price at our spring sale and there are links from our blog, as well as from our site's home page.

Blessings to you!

Donna M. McDine said...

Wonderful review! It is now on my must read list.

Best wishes,