Friday, April 24, 2009

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month

Not in Room 204

ISBN 13: 978-0-8075-5764-8
$15.95 • $20.95 Canadian
(A Concept Book)
Age Levels: 6-9
Grades: 1-4
Pub. Date: March 2007
Pages: 32 • Size: 8 x 10
Illustrations: Full color
Library Binding
Not in Room 204
Written by Shannon Riggs
Illustrated by Jaime Zollars
Mrs. Salvador is one tough teacher. But Regina Lillian Hadwig, a very quiet student, doesn’t mind. She likes the order and discipline Mrs.
Salvador expects. At a report card conference, Mrs. Salvador tells Regina’s mom that
Regina is doing a great job, but that she is very quiet. “Are you quiet at home, like you are in school?” Mrs. Salvador asks Regina. And
Regina thinks of the secret she keeps so quiet—the one even her mom
doesn’t know, about the secret things her father does to her. “Yes, I’m
quiet at home, too,” says Regina. “Maybe we can work on that,” says
Mrs. Salvador.
When Mrs. Salvador reads a book about Stranger Danger, she
emphasizes that the person doing the inappropriate touching might
not be a stranger at all. It might be someone a child knows very well.
Will Regina find the courage to tell Mrs. Salvador her terrible secret?
Shannon Riggs covers this sensitive topic with compassion and
expertise. She lives in Oregon. Expressive illustrations, by Jaime Zollars,
who lives in California, complement the text. A note about sexual abuse
is included.
“The story ends on a hopeful note. This picture book’s strength is in the forthrightness of its message and the sensitivity of its presentation: Regina’s father’s actions are implied but never
stated, and Regina’s trust in her teacher is firmly in place before the situation unfolds. When the time is right, Regina decides to share something that she has been keeping, even from her mother. The text and digitally enhanced artwork work together well to express the book’s message smoothly. The characters, especially Regina, dominate the illustrations, which are notable for their clear lines and interesting and varied textures and colors. This helpful
picture book will raise children’s awareness of sexual abuse without raising anxiety.
—Starred, Booklist
About the Author:
Shannon Riggs lives and works from her home in Oregon's lush Willamette Valley. (“Lush” meaning both green and wet.) Her family settled in Oregon in 2006, after moving all over the US and Canada due to her husband’s military service. Now that he is retired, she hopes never to lay eyes on a moving box again. Shannon works as a writer and as a college writing instructor. When she isn’t writing or teaching writing, she can often be found reading or toting her two piano, trombone, and drum playing children to various music lessons and concerts. A sweet old black Lab, a frisky golden retriever puppy, and a cranky gray cat also do their best to keep Shannon busy.
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I've seen this book before and love it. Highly recommended.