Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WINDY BOOKS:"I Face the Wind"

"I Face the Wind"
by Vicki Cobb
Seibert Honor book for 2004
This is an interactive book for children where the activity is included in the narrative.

Science Play series. Illus. by Julia Gorton. HarperCollins. Individual books, 32p., $15.99. Titles include I Face the Wind, I Fall Down, I Get Wet, and I See Myself. Preschool–Gr. 1.
From The Horn Book
Cobb's Scienceplay series successfully provides conceptually rich science for very young children. In this latest entry, Cobb starts with a familiar experience – the push of wind on children and objects in their world – to develop the concept of air being made on molecules. this may seem like a sophisticated topic for preschoolers, but Cobb pulls it off. An interactive format guides adults and children through a series of activities using common household objects , while the text supports these experiments with well-posed questions and succinct explanations. The format encourages adult and child alike to actually think about the concepts behind the activities. The combination of the inventive layout and Gorton's playful illustrations makes a convincing invitation to investigate the science behind everyday experience. –D.J.F.


Cathy Puett Miller said...

As the Literacy Ambassador®, I concur with the comments about "I Face the Wind". This delightful book helps young children get a first introduction to an important science concept. It works especially well with children who have a hard time sitting still because you can read a little, try an experiment, and read a little more. Thanks, Vicki for such a great book.

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


Thanks for your comment.


Dr. Alice said...

I know Vicki very well and as an educator, I LOVE her books! It was so wonderful to come to your site and see her book here!!