Thursday, March 12, 2009

E-BOOK WEEK: Prairie Dog's Playday

I would like to introduce a book from Margot Finke's series of 7 rhyming picture books. All these stories offer fun facts about animals from the US and Australia, and are reluctant reader friendly.


by Margot Finke.

Illustrator: Kathy Iler.

Publisher: Writers Exchange e-Publishing.

3 rhyming stories about critters found in the U.S.A: Prairie Dogs, Bald Eagle Rules, and The Stinker (skunk).

Fun facts that are reluctant reader friendly:

Reviews of this book, and the other 6 books in the series, can be read here:

The other 6 books are as follows:

KANGAROO CLUES - Rhyming tale about how Old Man Roo and his Aussie friends escape the wild dingoes. Factual fun.

NEVER SAY BOO TO A FRILLY - 3 rhyming stories about Aussie critters: The Frillneck Lizard, Rainbow Birds and The Tasmanian Devil. Fun and educational.

DON'T EAT PLATYPUS STEW - 3 fun stories about Aussie animals: Platypus Stew, Koala Capers, and Kooky Kookaburra. Fun facts told in rhyme.

HUMDINGER HUMMERS - facts about the hummingbirds that zoom around US gardens. Told in fun rhyme.

MAMA GRIZZLY BEAR - a year in the life of Mama Grizzly and her cubs. Rhyming story that includes fun facts.

SQUIRRELS CAN'T HELP BEING NUTS - 3 rhyming tales about critters that live in your gardens: Nutty Squirrels, Kitty Kats and Bumblebee Buzzers. Fun and educational.For extra information about the animals in Margot's series, visit

Margot Finke also offers: * MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUES - Writing Help - "Musings" -

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Margot Finke said...

Thanks Shari. My illustrations look so cool up on you Blog.

Great job, mate.

Margot Finke

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