Tuesday, March 10, 2009

E-BOOK WEEK: "My Sister The Ghost" Twin Again (1)

My Sister, The Ghost #1: Twin Again
Young Adult Paranormal
by Linda Joy Singleton
Cover art: Richard Stroud

Meet Melody, Miranda’s ghost twin!

Melody has been living it up in “Ghostland” ever since she was two. But now she's back on earth and turning Miranda’s life upside-down. Not only does Miranda get blamed for all of Melody’s pranks, but this “ghost sister” has a plan to get their mother remarried to the father of Miranda’s worst nightmare, bully Heather Drew.
Miranda has to stop Melody’s “helpful” matchmaking, but does she stand a chance against a sister who can fly, freeze time and zap objects?
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My Sister, The Ghost #2; Escape From Ghostland
Young Adult
by Linda Joy Singleton

A visit from ghost twin Melody is just what Miranda has been hoping for. Especially now that she’s stuck with that bully Heather for a stepsister. Fun-loving Melody is on the run from all the silly rules in Ghostland and needs Miranda’s help to keep their Grammy from catching her and bringing her back to the other world. But when Miranda tries to keep her wacky twin’s whereabouts secret without lying to Grammy, the mischief and mix-ups begin. The trouble is, while Miranda is working things out with her ghost family, that sneak Heather is busy trying to make herself Mom’s favorite daughter.

To Purchase: http://www.wings-press.com/Bookstore/My%20Sister%20The%20Ghost%202%20Escape%20From%20Ghostland.htm

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