Friday, March 6, 2009

BOY'S BOOKS: "Nothing Stops Noah"

"Nothing Stops Noah"
by Shari Lyle-Soffe
illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier
Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

Young Noah wants to buy his mother a present, but where does such a young boy get money. Noah decides a job is the answer and he knows someone who just might hire him, Grandpa!

Grandpa owns a pet store and is happy to have Noah help. When Grandpa needs to run an errand he leaves Noah in charge---and chaos takes over. All of the animals escape and Noah must find a way to get them all back in their cages before Grandpa returns. Will Noah's persistence pay off?


Nothing stops Noah
by Shari Lyle-SoffeReading Level: Ages 2 - 6Reviewed by Kathy Davis on February 06 2009 19:23:03
In this picture book, we meet Noah, a thoughtful young boy who wants to buy a present for his mom. Hey, can't buy a present with no money, so Noah calls up his grandpa and asks for a job at his pet store. Grandpa hires him based on his qualifications-he could count. But Noah forgot to mention he could only count to ten. Based on Noah's miscount on the rawhide bones, grandpa thinks he's nearly out and rushes out to buy more, leaving Noah in charge of the animals. Oh my. Noah gets in over his head when the animals all get loose. But since nothing stops Noah, he somehow manages to pull it all together before Grandpa gets back.

This is a cute story, and the loud and colorful illustrations on every page give the book a zany feel. The story itself is just right for your little ones who might be just starting to read, and for those who would like to read a fun tale about a boy who doesn't let even the most crazy of circumstances damper his day!

Review by Kathy Davis, Homeschool Buzz

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Just found your site. Glad I did, I'm a homeschooling mom always looking for a good book.

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Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


I have visited your blog also. Thanks for stopping by. I try to be useful to parents and homeschoolers.