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Chickolet Pigolet has the task of finding the perfect place for the Chowertown Halloween Party and Dance. He locates an old mansion rumored to be haunted by Dr. Frankenbeans who disappeared many years before. By accident, Chickolet discovers an exciting new tourist attraction for the town and solves the mystery of Dr. Frankenbeans, too.

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Review: Great Halloween Treat – September 28, 2008
By Safari Sue Thurman – Children’s Author/Television Producer
The Adventures of Chickolet Pigolet, by Debe Branning, is a delightfully entertaining story. Debe has woven a great pig tale in the charming animal community of Chowdertown. It unfolds with Chickolet Pigolet, aka Pumpkin Prince, checking on his prize-winning pumpkins that are known throughout the county as the largest, most perfect pumpkins for Jack-o-lanterns. When Chickolet selects the spooky old deserted Dr. Frankenbeans Mansion for the annual Halloween party, the residents of Chowdertown are skeptical.

After an incredibly successful party at the mansion, the guests are given a tremendous surprise, with long lasting results for the town. Debe has created wonderful characters with lyrical names like Curly Q and Sally Soweena. The main character’s name, Chickolet Pigolet, tickles the tongue and will delight children. Nijlon Knold’s wonderful illustrations bring this tale to life. The black and white drawings create the feel of a classic haunted story. A great addition for any child’s library and a must read during yearly Halloween festivities.

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Hi Shari...terrific review. The cover is awesome! Thanks for visiting Bruce's interview.

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