Monday, March 30, 2009

China Clipper : Flying Boats and Spies

1935! The winds of war have begun to fan the flames of conflict acrossthe Pacific. As Nick Grant tries to support his mother and sister duringthe Great Depression, he's swept into a deadly contest between spiesstruggling to control the Pacific Ocean. Nick's life changes abruptly the moment world famous aviators, Charlesand Anne Lindbergh, land at Alameda airport. After Nick refuels theirplane, Anne takes him aside and offers him a month's wages to deliver amysterious map case to Bill Grooch, aboard the tramp steamer S.S. NorthHaven. Desperate for money, Nick agrees. Suddenly the map case and Groochcatapult him into a quiet, but deadly, cat and mouse game between U.S.and Japanese spies. Nick becomes a vital player as the U.S. and Japan vie for advantage andcontrol of the strategic islands of the Pacific. a review if you have one: Early Review Flying Boats & Spies, A Nick Grant AdventureGenre: Historical Fiction/AdventureAge Level: 11 and up# of Pages: 240RAC Book: YesNick Grant is living in 1935 during a very difficult time in U.S.history. His father's business has been so drastically hurt by thedepression that he has had to leave town to look for work. Nick issixteen and desperate to help his mother pay the mortgage. When he hearsabout a boat hiring men to help build Pan American Airways, a series ofplaces across the Pacific for planes to use in order to cross thePacific, he jumps at the chance and leaves without telling his mother.Of course, Nick doesn't tell them his real age or they would never havehired him.During his travels he experiences espionage, storms, and even a chanceto fly with Pan Am pilots. He works harder than he could have everimagined he could and enjoys every minute. The entire time he is runningfrom an unknown enemy who seems to anticipate his every move. He fearstelling anyone about the man following him for fear that he is beingparanoid.This adventure story is fun and packed with drama, suspense, and evenhistorical knowledge. Real people and places make appearances in thebook to help set the scene in a way that young readers will be able tosee what it was like in the Pacific in 1935. Any adventure readers willenjoy the retro writing style, but boys especially will enjoy theadventure and will be able to identify with Nick Grant as he strugglesthrough adolescence.purchase information:Retail Purchase:Author Signed copies; The Flying Clippers Amazon Whole Sale Purchase: Onstage Publications Baker & Taylor, Inc

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