Thursday, February 19, 2009

FRIENDSHIP WEEK: :What's on the Other Side of the Rainbow?

There are rules to live by when it comes to expressing our feelings and emotions. These are simple, common sense rules, which are explained in Carla Masterson's meaningful and beautifully illustrated children's book, What's On The Other Side Of The Rainbow? (The Secret Of The Golden Mirror)

Each child that reads it will have a wonderful time as they thoroughly discuss their feelings and interact with the book from beginning to end. I have listened to oooohs when they have met Mr. Positively The Rainbow Cloud"TM for the first time and of course his feelings and emotions represented visually by his colorful "Feeling Doors"TM with faces. Buy this book today, and you will witness your precious child's eyes smile and glow when they discover what is the amazing "Secret Of The Golden Mirror."

The book can be purchased @ under "Whitney's Bookshelf"

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