Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FRIENDSHIP WEEK: "The Munched-Up Flower Garden"

The Munched-Up Flower Garden-

Join Liz, Dean, Sallie, Carolyn and Larry, The Troublesome Creek Kids, as they find trouble even when they aren't looking for it. Liz works all spring and summer to grow the best flower garden and is certain that she will win a blue ribbon for her trouble at the annual picnic. Trouble is, someone's goat found her garden and munched it up on the morning of the picnic. Liz cut loose with a squall that would knock your socks off. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Troublesome Creek is living up to its name.

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Title: The Munched-Up Flower Garden
Publisher: Red Rock Press
Publisherʼs Address: 459 Columbus Ave # 114, New York, NY 10024Publisherʼs Phone Number: (212) 362-8304
Date of Publication: 2006 Retail Price: 16.95 hardback; $10.95 paperback
ISBN: 978-1933176062 [hardback]
978-1-9331-7606-2 [paperback]

Review: "The Munched-Up Flower Garden is the lively story of Liz Reilly and her seemingly endless attempts to build up an award winning garden for the Troublesome Creek Picnic. Carrying young readers through the tale of Lizzie and her young friends and rivals, The Munched-Up Flower Garden follows the young girl with her many efforts to maintain her garden despite relentless annoyances from goats, chickens, neighbors, and the evil Sallie Young. Original and entertaining, The Munched-Up Flower Garden is very highly recommended as an inspiring example of persistence, bravery, and spirit for all young readers." Small Press Bookwatch, July 2006

"Liz Reilly wants to win first prize for her flower garden at the community picnic. Sallie Young has won it for the last four years. Sallie comes around every day to brag and generally try to get under Liz's skin, who wisely keeps her mouth shut. The day of the picnic Liz discovers Sallie's goat has destroyed her flower garden. This picture book teaches the importance of keeping one's temper and what goes around, comes around. We rated it four hearts." Heartland Reviews, 2006.


Sandi said...

sounds like a great story! We all need to learn to hang onto our tempers when life throws us a little 'zinger'. I'm going to check this one out!

Sharon said...

This story sounds somewhat familiar...when my son was young he had a hanging garden with ferns, orchids and flowers. On the other side of the yard he had white ducks. The day the ducks got loose and nibbled his garden was the last day of their lives.

Sharon Reece

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I once had two gardening friends. They were trying to win a prize for the biggest sweet peas as the garden club show. We had a big freeze in Phoneix. Mrs. clean pulled up the dead sprouts of sweet peas. Mrs. Casual left hers in the ground out of no time or lazines. She won a big silver candelabra for best sweet peas. Apparently freezing put all the strength to the roots and did them more good than harm.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

Great stories. Thanks for sharing.