Sunday, February 15, 2009

EDUCATIONAL BOOKS: "Andy and Spirit Series"

Andy and the Albino Horse is the first in an ongoing series.
Andy is a little boy in a wheelchair who meets a wild mustang that has been trained to be a therapy horse. They become heroes to each other.

For anyone facing any form of disability I urge you to read, Andy and the Albino Horse. It does not matterwhat age, this book is a great lesson for all ages, even if one has no disability. It opens the eyes and heartsto what is really important in life. The connection with Andy and Spirit are so brilliantly portrayed that my heartleaped with joy, and tears sprung to my eyes. Mary Jean Kelso pens a heart-tugging tale about learning tocope with a disability, and even a bully, in a story I highly recommend. She allows Andy to see no matter howhard a challenge may appear; sometimes others may have their own test to endure. This precious book isa treasure indeed. The illustrations are creatively done, too, that adapt to the tale.—Linda Lattimer, Author and Reviewer

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Book two of the Andy series:

Andy and Spirit work together to compete in a 4-H horse show.

Andy and Spirit’s world expands as they grow together and experience things neither would have had theopportunity to do alone. The two become heroes to each other as they meet and accomplish challengesAndy never thought possible before the two of them became a team.Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair is the sweet story of a boy and a horse, their bond and loyalty to one another, and thechallenges they must face because of being ‘different’. K.C. Snider’s colorful yet earthy illustrations bring the spirit ofthe West to life and children will particularly love the beautiful, majestic pictures of the horses. An inspiring tale aboutovercoming obstacles, this book carries a universal message that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.—Mayra Calvani, Midwest Book Review

Academic info: How wild horses are managed and 4-H info

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Book 3 in the Andy series

Andy and Spirit help in a Rescue

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