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EDUCATIONAL BOOK: "The Magic of Laven-Rock"

The people of K'briadron lived an idyllic life.

Purple and blue magic created by the Jockspurs supplied their every need. That is, until the coming of the Lockstick.

Princess Kaylin Veronica and her cousin, Prince Theodore, escape the confines of their royal lives and set out to find the being who caused so many problems in their land.

Written by the author of The Wishing Flower, The Magic of Laven-Rock is a delightful fairy tale adventure where children learn that sharing is much better than fighting, and that people throughout the world are not so very different than themselves.
Title: The Magic of Laven-Rock
ISBN: 9780981777733
Author: Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak
Publisher: PM Moon Publishers
Additional Features:
hardcover/68 pages/approx. size 8.25 x 10.75/trade
She is currently writing a teacher manual for ESL teachers to accompany this title.
Her book has been reviewed by the Midwest Book Review and is on their Children's Bookwatch list:
"Children's Bookwatch • Jan, 2009 •
The Magic of Laven-Rock
Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak
PM Moon Publishers, Limited
PO Box 110813, Cleveland, Ohio 44111-0813
9780981777733, $29.95
African-American author, teacher, and counselor Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak presents The Magic of Laven-Rock, an amazing children's fairy tale about the faraway land of K'briadron, where purple and blue magic fill the needs of the people--until the coming of the Locktick. Princess Kaylin Veronica and her cousin Prince Theodore must go on a quest to find and deal with the creature that has caused so many problems for their homeland! A powerful moral about tolerance, diversity, and the value of sharing rather than fighting pervades this gentle and fairly lengthy (66 pages) story, featuring illustrations ranging from simple, cartoon-like caricatures to gorgeous computer-generated scenic views. Highly recommended. "
Although Dr. Mosetta is a black American, none of her stories are written specific to that community, but embrace all children
Purchase Information: The Magic of Laven-Rock is available at Publisher Graphics Bookstore ( ) at Google books search, and at PM Moon Publishers' website ( .
Her newest title, Rajah and the Big Blue Ball (ages 6-8), is scheduled for a March 2009 release. Once more, the theme is talking rather than fighting to avoid misunderstandings, when the central character, Rajah, is tormented by another character sharing his yard. Dr. Mosetta is under contract with us to publish five more of her Rajah stories. We believe that these books will delight children everywhere.

Her first book, The Wishing Flower, was originally released as a short story and published in the Writers Post Journal in May 2007. This is a powerful story of how special children are, and the love their parents have for them. Currently in its second edition, The Wishing Flower features simplistic hand-drawn illustrations by Dr. Penick Phillips-Cermak. It is very child-centric. We are also sending this cover. If the email has difficulty reaching you, we will send the jpegs in a separate email.
Purchase Information: Publishers' Graphics Bookstore ( ), at Google Book search, and at PM Moon Publishers' website ( .
The Wishing Flower has been used for teachers' education by Western Governors University, and was reviewed by Dr. Jennifer Gill, other teachers and writers:
Mosetta Penickphillips-Cermak’s story “The Wishing Flower” will be a welcome addition to any classroom or home library. The story opens the possibilities for parents to express to their children how much children are loved—that our children truly are a gift to us. While many of us think this, we may forget to say such things openly, and doing so sends a powerful, affirming message of worth and security to our children. For teachers, “The Wishing Flower” and its accompanying lesson plans can provide a more thorough understanding of the fairy tale as a literary genre, assist students in developing an awareness of their emotional reactions to such stories, and reinforce a sweet and touching message of love.
Jennifer C. Grill, Ph.D.
Academic Mentor, English Language Learning
Content Advisor, English Language Learning
Teachers College, Western Governors University
Toll Free 877-435-7948 ext. #2001 (Eastern Time)
Salt Lake City 801-274-3280 ext. #2001
8-12-07"The concept of your book is excellent. As a child, I received few hugs and cuddles and I can't remember my mother ever saying she loved me. Of course she did and proved it by all she did for me but the lack of affirmation caused insecurity that followed me into my adult life. And this was made worse because I had little contact with my father who did not know how to be a good dad.Things are very different for my own children,Rosemary." Hearts set in the reign of Queen Anne the last Stuart monarchAvailable from:
3-13-07"What a sweet story. It actually brought a tear to my eye."Jacqueline Druga-JohnstonEditor in Chief"The Wishing Flower" is a wonderful storybook for young children and good reading for older children. I liked how the over all message of the book placed great value on the love for children. I look forward to reading "The Wishing Flower" to my five month old daughter for years to come…”Deborah ZigaWaverly SchoolCleveland Metropolitan School District
“The story Wishing Flower brought out what I always knew about children, that they are our true treasures that we can not forget to appreciate…This story stirred up my wonderful memories of my childhood and my years watching and spending enjoyable days with my own children as…they were growing up into now adults.”Kathryn HrusovskyLibrarian at Waverly School in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District- Cleveland,
Dr. Mosetta is available for interviews and lectures. Please contact her directly at

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