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EDUCATIONAL BOOK: "Christopher Bullfrog Catcher!"

Well done Christopher!, May 5, 2006
Shirley Priscilla Johnson "Author/Reviewer -... (USA) - See all my reviews
There are times when a book will capture your heart; it can happen in many ways, but each time it is fresh and new. This is the case as I read this delightful work by 13 year old Christopher Welch as scribed by his mother, Debra Welch. Christopher has learning differences but this has not quenched the fire of life within this special young man, nor his desire to share adventures of his life with others. We begin this read with a poem, a simple one, yet one whose words say volumes because they shine forth with the love of one young boy for his lake and the activity that awaits him there.
As we share in the adventure of Christopher, we learn how to catch a Bullfrog and care for it, even if it is injured; and he even shares the four stages of a frog's growth with us.
Along with the story we are treated to some wonderful pictures of Christopher, his frog hunting and his beloved lake. I actually learned some things about frogs that I never knew. Thank you Christopher.
I believe what makes this book is the passion that is within this young man as he writes of his frog hunting experience and his desire to share this information with others. It truly is a joy of his life and even for someone like me, who won't find much pleasure in touching a frog, I had to smile at Christopher's achievement in Bullfrog hunting.
I feel this book is for both young and old and all those in-between. First we certainly see the achievement of a young boy who has something to share and despite difficulties does just that. We have some top-notch information on Bullfrog hunting and great pictures that help bring the story to life; plus a work that is sure to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart. Good job Christopher! Thank you for sharing!
Shirley Johnson Senior Reviewer MidWest Book Review

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Shari this book looks like a winner for boys, and tomboys.

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