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Kristen Collier, multi-published author is now offering light editing services.

Email Kristen Collier:

Focus: Content editing for picture books, articles, short stories and business writing. Will consider chap books and novels.


B.A., English
Administrative/Marketing Assistant
Picture book/YA author
Have written for various newspapers/magazines
Co-owner/Editor, Tangerine Sky Productions, Ltd. (, a writing company that helps authors POD their books
Co-taught youth writing class, Hope College (’08)
To read her writing tips for young writers go to .
Excerpt From Joy the Jellyfish

Joy the Jellyfish was very lonely. So she swam all around the Great Barrier Reef, hoping to make a friend.
Joy passed Amy Anemone and gave her a smile. But the anemone didn’t see the nearly invisible jellyfish. Amy just kept wiggling in the current and spoke nary a word.
My only wish is to have a friend, Joy thought sadly as she continued swimming.

Joy swam past a school of seahorses out for a field trip.
“There are many varieties of living coral,” Professor Plumpkin told his class.
Joy smiled again, but the seahorses just turned up their noses and swam on past.
My only wish is to have a friend, Joy thought sadly as she continued swimming.

Joy came upon Gentian, the Great White Shark.
Maybe at least he will say “hi” to me, she pondered.
Gathering her courage, Joy smiled brightly. The shark looked her in the eye, then swam toward a boat in the distance.
“That’s one creature I don’t mind being ignored by!” Joy said before swimming away.

Excerpt From King of Glory

Jerusalem, 1929 A.D.
A fireball hurtled through the violet sky, plummeting from the heavens to the earth below. Faster and faster it fell, growing brighter at its approach. With a watchful eye, the mighty king observed its shimmering pathway. He turned to glance at the short, olive-skinned sheepherder before him who also watched the light. The hired hand tilted his head. He scrunched up his eyebrows when the strange light hit the ground in the distant foothills.
The light exploded in all directions, fell in upon its’ center, then grew brighter as it coalesced into a solid object. Unable to make it out from this distance, the shepherd squinted and leaned forward for a better view.
A wolf howled.
The man jumped.
He glanced over his shoulder to the pens still a mile away.
The herd dog growled.
“Baaaa!” a newborn lamb complained when the shepherd hurried it along with a gentle prod from his staff.
A tender smile lit the king’s face.
You’re a good man, Samuel.
The king followed the worried caretaker’s gaze. His eyes narrowed.
You will stay away from my sheep.
The shepherd turned for one last glance at the strange light and then moved his flock forward. Whatever it was, it didn’t concern him.
The monarch looked to see the large, bright light in the distant foothills standing motionless. He gave a crisp nod. With a flash, the object flew toward the mouth of the cave.

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