Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tag! You're It.


I have received meme's requiring that I send them to ten people, and been nominated for blogging awards that require me to nominate 15 bloggers, and although I am honored that someone thought of me, I am usually frustrated that they have already nominated the people I would have named. So I have made up my own award challenge. I'll call it the "Rooter Award".

Tag! You're it! I want you to nominate five blogs that belong to either a teacher, librarian, or parent. It's only five...that should be easy. Give me the link for each one and then tell them they have been nominated. Be sure to pass along the award and ask each of your nominees to nominate five parent, teacher, or librarian blogs. Don't let me down.


Joy said...

Great idea Shari! I'll have to search for these.


Katie Hines said...

I'm pretty new to blogging, so I don't have any blogs that I know about by a teacher, librarian or parent. Great idea, though.


Chester Campbell said...

Hi, Shari, I just suggested a similar thing on another blog after encountering several "award" doodads. You did me one better though and followed through on it.