Thursday, January 8, 2009

More places to read...

I read on my bed when I could find some quiet. I had three younger siblings so that wasn't always easy. I also loved to sit in my swing hanging from a Redwood tree and read while listening to the chatter of Stellar's Jays...Shari

Katie Hines writes...My favorite place to read was under the covers at night after all the lights in the house were out. I’d always manage to have a flashlight and batteries, and I began then to do what I do now – read until I’m exhausted!

Katie Hines
Children’s author
Coming May 2009 – “Guardian” – middle grade urban fantasy
Summary: Imagine you have made a secret promise that can lead you to the discovery of an incredible treasure and an ancient power. But in order to fulfill that promise, you must defeat an age-old sect that is determined to claim the treasure and power themselves.

From Brenda Pauls Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada. (just above North Dakota)

The dining room of 27 Havelock Street, Toronto, had a bay window, framed by musty burgundy drapes. Even now, when my nose picks up a musty scent, I am transported to that early time of trembling good stories, in the window seat. Dark wood and glass framed me there, hidden on one side, by the smelly curtains, like a puppet show waiting to begin. Even the smell was part of the mystery. I lounged, propped up with bed pillows, borrowed from upstairs. I gobbled up words on a page with the vigour of white tailed deer, loaping across a hilly field. My mind an impish spider monkey, trapeezing high above winding forrest trails. Sometimes the people walking by, surprised to see me there, would nod and smile. I think they knew about places like my window seat. As I write, I can smell those musty drapes and feel the shiney dark wood under my curious, naked toes, inching along the window frame; the rest of me lost in worlds away. I feel the chill of the window glass against my cheek, cooling the fire of adventure, burning in every cell.

Pat McCarthy adds....When I was a child, my favorite place to read was sitting in an apple tree. I wedged a little board where several branches came together for a seat. I'd sit up there and read for hours and no one knew where I was!
Pat's latest book is Heading West: Life with Pioneers, coming out from Chicago Review Press in August.

Do any of my readers recall an unusual place where you loved to read as a child??


Anonymous said...

Ok good post and also good that you finished with a question.

Me? I read in my bed as a youngster, the hour or so before nightie night. Lost in my Marvel Comic books or maybe a Mark Twain novel.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered another weird reading place (after I outgrew my bathroom floor-reading days): I didn't have a proper desk in my bedroom as a teenager, so I'd do my homework and all my reading while kneeling next to my bed (using the top of the bed as a tabletop), with one leg flung over onto the top of the bed. It was surprisingly comfortable for me.

lucia said...

In the summer, my favorite place was under a huge maple tree at my grandmother's house in the country.
I remember -- as I write this -- reading Little Women, Little Men, some Dickens, all books that I found in her house.
Great question.

Beth Groundwater said...

We traveled a lot when I was a child, first because my father was in the USAF and we were transferred often and secondly so we kids could see the country and visit relatives. So, I read in trains, planes, and automobiles, and I still do!