Wednesday, January 28, 2009



The Man Who Lived In A Hat
Hampton Roads PublishingISBN l-57174-211-5
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"There once was a man who lived in a hat."Not spacious, like a cowboy's ten-gallon hat; not stylish, like a fedora - just a rather dilapidated top hat, the kind the not-so-talented magicians try to pull rabbits out of."You call this a house?" complained the man. "I don't think so."And to make matters worse, he now has to share his modest living space with bugs!"Not so fast," said the ant as he reached for the bug spray. "Let's do some business."The deal? Crumbs for a wish."Hmmm...." the man thought. "I deserve better than this."But the man in the hat is NEVER satisfied.Will Ant Sadie continue to grant his wishes, each one more outrageous than the last?
***So whimsical and wonderful - you'll almost forget there's a lesson!***Bright, lively illustrations bring the characters charmingly to life!***Delivers a fun, fanciful lesson about the emptiness of greed!***
A story you'll want to share again and again!"A story about a man who is never satisfied with what he has. With the help of Ant Sadie, he reached the top of the world, yet still nothing satisfied his thirst for worldly luxuries. This book teaches about greed and jealousy in a simple, inspiring and humorous way!"
-, Jennie S. Bev

"So whimsical and wonderful, you'll almost forget there's a lesson. Bright, lively illustrations delight the eye and bring the characters charmingly to life. This is story parents will want to share with their children again and again!"


Katie Hines said...

Sounds like a charming book. Got my fingers crossed for good sales.

Anonymous said...

I'm the author of "The Man Who Lived In A Hat."
Thank you for your post. I appreciate your support!
Kids like the story because it's funny and adults enjoy it for the message...
My website is

Anonymous said...

These books and posts you do are just great. Neat kids book idea, kind of a shoot off of the old classic, "The Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" (I think that's what the title was - pretty close)

Gwyn Ramsey said...

Shari, what adorable stories you write. I'm not into children's books, but yours are so eye-catching and I love the story lines. Good job.

Gwyn Ramsey