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Shari: I want to welcome Karina Fabian to my blog today. Karina is a Christian Science Fiction writer. How long have you been writing, Karina?
Karina: I still have some of the stories I wrote in third grade, but professionally, since 1995.
Shari: Tell us about your books and your Dragoneye P.I website.

Karina: Right now, I have two books out:

Infinite Space, Infinite God: for more info, to purchase. Is that religion in my science fiction or science fiction in my religion? The writers of the Catholic SF anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God have so seamlessly combined the two, it's hard to tell. The fifteen stories of the Catholic Church meeting challenges from genetic engineering to time travel both entertain and make you think.

Leaps of Faith: for more info, to purchase. Faith has a future! Explore Christianity as believers get lost in space and time, encounter aliens, discover a genetically engineered miracle and more! Entertaining stories where science is a tool and faith is a way of life. 2004 EPPIE finalist for best anthology.

DragonEye, PI: My favorite thing to write about is the DragonEye, PI, detective agency, run by Vern, a Faerie dragon, and his partner the Church mage Sister Grace. Vern has been put under a spell by the Faerie St. George--stripped of everything that made him glorious, from his size to his fire, he must now earn each trait back through service to God and His Creatures under the leadership of the Faerie Catholic Church. He gets snarly about it, especially since that "service" has brought him to the non-magical Mundane universe, but it's been an interesting gig overall. He and Grace do everything from finding missing pets to saving the universes--both of them. The stories and books are fantasy/mystery/satire told in a dry noir style that is pure dragon. I love combining different stories--from Norse mythology to Biblical to 007. In March, I have the first DragonEye, PI novel coming out, Magic, Mensa and Mayhem.
I invite folks to visit the website, Vern blogs twice a week usually. Also, if you register for the site, you can get the DragonEye, PI newsletter and special offers on DragonEye stories.

I have more stories and novels that I'm working on or will be coming out. Please check my website,, for more info.

Shari: Where do you get the inspiration for your writing?
Karina: Inspiration is everywhere. In fact, the challenge to me is writing fast enough to keep up with my ideas. However, I tend to get more specific inspirations from calls for submissions, especially for anthologies. I love trying to find a unique twist on a general requirement.

Shari: Is it difficult to reconcile science fiction with your Christian beliefs?
Karina: Nope. I have more trouble understanding why some folks believe there should be a conflict.
Shari: Tell us about your family.

Karina: My husband, Rob, is my best friend, my co-editor and the man I admire the most in life. We have four wonderful kids, who love to listen to my stories and are each creative in their own right. They have Rob's and my quirky sense of humor, so there's a lot of laughing in our hosue. We also have a cat, Elbereth, Queen of the Household; a dog, Layla of the Perpetual Wag; and two hermit crabs. With Rob in the Air Force, we move every few years, so we're a pretty adaptable bunch, though more homebody-ish than most.
Shari: Are they supportive of your writing?
Karina: Absolutely.
Shari: How do you find time to write?
Karina: When I homeschooled, I snuck it in whenever I could. Now that the kids are in regular school, I write while they are at school. And in both cases, the housework suffers. Ah, well. Something has to give.
Shari: What is the one best piece of writing advice you ever got?
Karina: I'm not sure. The best advice I can give (and I must have learned it somewhere) is, "Don't just write what you know--write what you can learn." The best piece of marketing advice is, "Don't take rejection personally. Learn from it if
you can and in the meantime, move on."
Shari: What would we be surprised to learn about you?

Karina: That I have a wooden leg. Actually, that would surprise me, too. How about that I was a shy child growing up? Now, I'm still more comfortable on-line, but I have no trouble going to people and talking to them--at least when I feel I have something to say. Some folks are surprised to learn I was a Theoretical Mathematics major in college, but frankly, I did that because it was a fun, easy major that gave me a lot of room to explore other subjects. Thank heavens, I went into the Air Force then got married or I would not know what to do in the workforce!
Shari: Thank you for your visit.
Thank you, Shari!
Visit Karina's site to see my book:


Anonymous said...

Great interview. She sounds like a very imaginative writer!

Karina Fabian said...

Thanks, Shari, for posting this interview! I enjoyed answering the questions.

Thanks, too, Christina, for the compliment. An author is nothing without her imagination.

I'll be glad to answer questions today if anyone has them. In the meantime, I'd like to share exciting news. I got the second sketch of Vern for my latest book.. I blog about it and Roe today.

Karina Fabian said...

oops--forgot to click to follow this post.

Ann Parker said...

Hello Shari,

Good morning and TAG, you're it!
I've tagged you on my blog at

name six things that make you happy and then tag some folks and ask them to do the same.

Have fun!
-- Ann

Annay Dawson said...

I loved reading the interview and finding out that I have some things in common with the writer. No, not that I have a wooden leg, but that I was also a shy child and still feel more comfortable online.

Annay Dawson
Shadows of the Past
& Hidden Promises

Karina Fabian said...

Hi, Annay,

Funny how we can let our real selves out online, huh? People make jokes about how online you lose weight and get better looking, but for some, you just get more confidence knowing no one is going to stare at you. Plus you can wear your jammies and no one knows! (oh... oops... uh... You didn't read that.)