Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Musical e-book "Butterflies Are Free"

To start off "Bug Book Week" we have a free e-book offering, and it's musical too.


Author: Lynda S. Burch
Photography: Lynda S. Burch & MarySue Roberts MarySue Roberts' Gallery

"Butterflies are Free" musical eBook shares the majesty of butterflies by combining music and lyrics with beautiful real time photography. It can be a great tool for introducing a topic on butterflies in a classroom or to a child. 21 pages, Q & A, 20 pages of photo art, with music played by your computer.

Download here
Are you downloading and reading e-books?


Sharon said...

Thanks for this link, Shari. I'm going to wait and download this on my daughter's computer for my grandson to watch.

And to answer your question - I download many e-books, but don't read very many of them. I tend to read the ones I've paid for, but most of the free ones get forgotten. Maybe a Kindle reader would help, but I haven't had any way to put that in the budget yet.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the freebie! Now THAT's offering value in a post.

Annay Dawson said...

I download e-books and find that if you are traveling they are invaluable! Instead of taking twenty paperbacks on vacation I took twenty e-books. I never ran out of things to read and I always had room for souvenirs.