Saturday, December 6, 2008

THRIFTY BOOK BUYS -Books on CD are GREEN - They Save Trees!

Shari Lyle-Soffe

wants you to know:

The word is out...
Children's e-Books, on CD or Download

Are the Bargain of the Year!

Cheaper than paper, they are the epitome of "Green."
These are QUALITY BOOKS - fun, inspirational, and educational.

BUY a "green" CD and save a tree.
Do your bit to save the planet!

Kids Are Computer Savvy!

A book on CD can distract kids before a doctor or dentist appointment, on rainy
Sundays, holidays, or in the back seat on long car trips.


Children's BOOKS

The Misadventures of Rooter & Snuffle

Follow raccoon brothers as they learn about
sharing, caring, and obeying your parents.

On the Go With Rooter & Snuffle

Raccoon brothers deal with bullies, rely on their faith,
and learn stealing hurts everyone.

Trouble Finds Rooter & Snuffle

Raccoons and their woodland friends learn
about true friendship, each of us is special, and
we can protect our environment if we work together.

Nothing Stops Noah

Noah wants money for something special, but who
would hire someone so young? Grandpa that's who.
Left alone to feed the animals in the pet store, Noah
must find a way to get all of the animals back in their
cages before Grandpa returns.

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Find a wide range of wonderful children's books,
by authors who care about children.

On Download, CD, and..... Hard Copy!


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Sharon - inspiring stories said...

Hi Shari! Looks like you have some really cool books my grandson would love. I'm going to check it out. He is almost 3 - is that a good age for your books? And he is a passionate animal lover just like his mother and grandmother.