Monday, December 18, 2006

A Free Holiday Recipe for the New Year

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with God's blessings. As you celebrate the birth of the Christ Child on that first Christmas Day may your heart be filled with the love He feels for each of us. May we be blessed with patience, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, appreciation, and love for others in the new year.
The following is my HOLIDAY RECIPE for your writing in the new year 2007:
Two cupfuls of whatever is in your heart. It will show in your writing. It is important to write about things you really care about. Don't just pick a subject, random and meaningless to you, make it worthy of your writing, and worthy of your readers.
One cupful of events from your life experience, twisted and turned to fit into your story just right.
Add lots of spice from a vivid imagination. Take a tip from Emeril and "kick it up a notch".
Stir in some fun! The more of this that you beat in the better the batter.
Add two handfuls of funny! Children and adults, too, love to laugh. Keep them laughing.
Knead it into the very best work you can do. Punch everything into just the right place for the greatest flavor.
Check the instructions and edit to perfection. Have you forgotten anything?
Send it to the best markets for your specific project, and while it is off baking at the publisher's, get started on your next project.
If you do that you are on your way to success in 2007. I believe! You can too.

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