Tuesday, August 9, 2005

The Need to Put Everything in Writing

This morning I paid a visit to Blog Central on Anastasia Suen's blog. You can find a link to Blog Central on the right-hand side of this blog. As I clicked my way through the blogs of several writers listed there I thought about the need writers have to share thoughts in writing. Some offer advice on writing or motivation for writers, as I have tried to do, and others write about the day to day problems of writing, the pitfalls and feelings that writing often brings up. Still others tell about their garden, the family dog, their children or any number of other topics that occupy their mind at the time. Sometimes a blog is just a place to vent hostile feelings. One blog I visited had a writing exercise. I wonder what it is that drives us to put things down on paper or computer? Is it a need to share everything with others? Is it a need to preserve it for posterity? Perhaps we write to record it more permanently in our own minds so that we won't forget it.

What do you write? Do you write what you read? I don't. My favorite books to read are mysteries, cozies actually. You know those silly things where the crime is solved by the caterer who just happened to find the body as she was checking the pantry to see if the chef's knife was there. Of course she found the knife in the body.

So why do I write for children? Probably because I have fond memories of being read to as a child, nursery rhymes and picture books. I love rhyme and memorized many of them when I was young. It was one of those things your parents teach you to show you off to friends and relatives. I have wonderful memories of my teacher reading from the "Little House" books, and Jack London's books. Picturing those stories in my mind was far better than anything television has to offer. I'm not knocking television, it is just a very different experience. Perhaps that will be difficult for people too young to have grown up listening to the radio to understand. It is different and in some ways better when the pictures you see are your own.

Don't I read children's books? Of course I do, but not for recreation. I read children's books now to help me write children's books.

Tell me, what do you read? What do you write? Are they the same?

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Don Tate II said...

Initially, I only read adult books. Historical fiction is my favorite. Although my library is full of children's books, to be honest, I had not actually read them. I bought them because I liked the illustrations. Now that I am writing, I have forced myself to read these books, both pb and ya. Thing is, Im struggling with not really enjoying reading kids books as much as I enjoy grown folks books. But I'm getting there. Currently, Im reading "When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune" Previously, "When Rats Saw God"

My writing is all over the place from picture books to a memoir to a ya novel. I probably need to focus on finishing one thing.

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...


I know what you mean. My writing is kind of scattered and I often feel that it would be better if I concentrated on just one thing. I wonder if we are right about that?

Thanks for your comment.