Monday, May 16, 2005

Do As the Spider Does

Have you run out of ideas for your writing? That's probably not possible. Are you sure you haven't overlooked something? If your mind is a blank, and your muse has run off, try doing what the spider does, make a web.

Write your name in the middle of a sheet of paper and draw a circle around it. Now draw spokes coming out from that center. Each spoke should be something about you. For example; if you craft that would be one spoke, if you ride horses horsemanship might be another spoke, the care and feeding of pets might be another spoke, and so on until you run out of words about you. Draw a circle around the word at the end of each spoke. Don't overlook anything. I'm sure you have more skills and interests than you realize.

Now repeat this process with each of those words. What kind of crafts do you do? Needlework? Woodworking? Scrapbooking? You get the picture. Break each leg of the web into smaller categories.

Don't do this too quickly. Take your time and really think about it so that you don't miss an idea or opportunity. Keep breaking down each new word, creating new spokes, until you can't think of another thing. At some point you may actually want to start a new page and make a web for each of your areas of skill and knowledge.

As a children's writer, if you write fiction, you may want to make your web from your perspective as a child. Web all of the things you remember from your childhood. School. What your desk was like. The lunch your mother packed for you. The boy who pulled your braids. Riding on the school bus. Do you get the picture?

When you finish you should have the makings of non-fiction articles, short stories, puzzles, poems, and perhaps even recipes. Now get busy and write. Not all webs are for catching flies. Some are for catching ideas.

(c)Sharon A. Soffe 2005

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Anonymous said...

Cool idea, Shari.

I might try it sometime. I'll either find a lot of ideas or wind up depressed over how boring my life has been.