Monday, April 18, 2005

A New Beginning

This new beginning is unusual. At least I think it is. You see I don't know where I am going with this or why I am here. I am a writer, a children's writer mostly. I want to motivate people. I want to encourage children. Blogs are the latest thing and although I don't know how it will benefit me or, hopefully, others I feel compelled to give it a try.

So expect to find encouraging words at times, and possibly a bit of my writing for children. When God answers this prayer I am sure this will be something truly inspired and wonderful. If not, well at least it is all "out of my mind".

Your comments are welcome.

(c)Sharon A. Soffe 2005

1 comment:

Donna J. Shepherd said...

Very good, Shari! I like your title, and I'm sure the stuff that's 'on your mind' will be fascinating! :)