Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Don't Knuckle Under to Naysayers!

As writers most of us hope for the support of family and friends, but we don't always get it. In my case it is a mixed bag. My husband is supportive, and he admires my ability to handle rejection, but I don't think the writing actually impresses him. My mother can't understand why anyone would want to read what I write. (I have fan letters so I am glad she is wrong about that.) My daughter has been supportive and impressed from the beginning. My son never comments and if I ask what he thought he accuses me of "fishing for compliments". I had hoped my whole family would be proud of what I do. I have a fragile ego.

Writers need to feel appreciated and often are not. Beginning writers are often wounded by the remarks of others. In the end you have to develop a thick skin and be your own support, or enlist the support of other writers.

In the beginning, knees shaking, brow furrowed, I wandered into the chatroom at the Institute of Children's Literature and found people just like me. After some time, my ego bolstered, I found the Children's Writers list at Yahoogroups. One thing seems to lead to another in this business. Since then I have found the Christian Children's Writers List. There are many others if you will look for them.

Be your own cheerleader if you have to. Don't ever knuckle under to the naysayers. What have they had published lately?

(c)Sharon A. Soffe 2005

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MissyToo said...

I have always been impressed...as far back as I can remember,(I think I was 5)I wished so desperately that I could be as good as you...I couldn't believe how well you could color...you were so much better that I. And in my late 20's... you started your own craft business...whew, I was amazed! Not only could you still color better than me...complete strangers were actually buying the things that you had designed and made! Now look at you... a "Writer"! You have sooo many talents...So here I am at 40, still bragging about my mommy who by the way can still color way-better...